French Mastiff Price in India (2024) With Monthly Expenses

A playful, loving and Friendly, French Mastiff are great companions, whether to be kept outside or as Apartment dog. French Mastiff are perfect Blend of activeness, cuteness and intelligence, The breed are developed for playing purpose. Here is everything you need to know about French Mastiff price in India.

French Mastiff price in India

AVERAGE PRICE IN INDIA (BASIC)₹45,000 to ₹1,00,000
BREED NAMEFrench Mastiff
HEIGHT24-27 inches
WEIGHT57-72 Kilograms
COMMON COAT COLORSRed, Fawn, Tan, Mahogany
LIFE-SPAN10-13 Years
LITTER SIZE4-6 Puppies (approx.)

Mainly, A French Mastiff price in India starts from Rs. 45,000 which will goes up to Rs. 1,00,000 the prices depending on the quality, coat, nature, health, colour and type of breed.

We always recommend buying French Mastiff puppy from certified breeder for you to rest assured of buying original French Mastiff puppies. Although buying French Mastiff form breeder mils may cost you lower but the surety of originality are to be doubtful. Try not to buy French Mastiff form the mils of the dog breeder, there is no assurance of your dog breed.

The French Mastiff is usually expensive dog breed as compared to other dog breed. Its price varies from quality to quality. Less the quality less the price, more/good quality more price.

The French Mastiff dog price in India starts at around Rs.45000/- , but it can go quite higher than that. It depends on several factors like the quality of the canine, the gender of the pooch et cetera. The French Mastiff dog varies from one breeder to another.

There are mainly three types of breeds of French Mastiff costs-

  1. French Mastiff- (Basic)-Rs. 45,000/- to Rs. 55,000/-
  2. French Mastiff- (KCI  Registered)-Rs. 55,000/- to Rs. 70,000/-
  3. French Mastiff- (Show Quality)-Rs. 70,000/- to Rs. 1,00,000/-

In case of the French Mastiff, when we move from basic to show type, not only the quality of the dog improves but the French Mastiff dog price in India also increases with it.

Advice: – Also get full information regarding Tibetan Mastiff price in india.

French Mastiff Price in Delhi

In Delhi, price of French Mastiff ranges between Rs.55,000 and goes up to Rs.1,00,000The price of French Mastiff varies concerning their health, appearance and Quality. French Mastiff may cost you higher if you desires better quality dog.


French Mastiff Price in Mumbai

In Mmbai, the dog may cost you higher than in other cities. It may cost you on average Rs.70,000 for best companion’s puppy. The cost you lower than said above just be assure about the quality of dog.

Vaccination Cost

*COLOSTRUM- It is the 1st milk produced by the mother within the 1st 24 hours after giving the birth. Colostrum contains vital nutrition’s, antibodies, electrolytes, as well as vitamins that protect very vulnerable newborns against disease. It is reffered to as natures 1st vaccine.

*2 WEEKS- Dewormed with Pyrantel Pamoate Suspension.

*4 WEEK- Dewormed with Pyrantel Pamoate Suspension.

*6 WEEK- 1st combination vaccine: Nobivac DAPPv (canine distemper –Adenovirus Type 2- Parainfluence-Parvovirus) 5-way vaccine booster.

*8 WEEK- Dewormed and treated with Febendazole and Albon.

*9 WEEK- 2nd combination vaccine : Nobivac DAPPv (canine Distemper-Adenovirus Type 2- Parainfluenza-Parvovirus) 5-way vaccine booster.

*12 WEEK-3rd combination vaccine: Nobivac DAPPv (canine Distemper-Adenovirus Type 2-Parainfluenza-Parvovirus) 5-way vaccine booster.

Dewormed with Fenbendazole.

*15 WEEK-4th combination vaccine:Nobivac DAPPv (canine Distemper-Adenovirus Type 2-Parainfluenza-Parvovirus) 5-way vaccine booster.

*16 WEEK-Dewormed with Fenbendazole

*4 MONTH- Begin monthly heartworm+preuntative-1% Ivermectin.

*6 MONTH- 1st Rabies Vaccine administered by a veterinarian.This is a mandatory annual vaccination.

*1 YEAR- Annual Booster Vaccination.

There are two kinds of vaccines. “Core” vaccines and “non-core” vaccines. All dogs and puppies should receive “core” vaccines. These include vaccines for Parvovirus, Adenovirus and Distemper Virus.

“Non-core” vaccines are optional vaccines that should be considered in light of your Dogue de Bordeux’s lifestyle, age,health,status,and geographical location.These include vaccines for Parainfluenza Virus,Bordetella,Leptospira, and Lyme disease.

VACCINATION COSt- The annual vaccination of French Mastiff  costs around’s Rs. 5000-7000/-

Insurance Cost

Our dog insurance provide coverage for accidents and illness while allowing you to build a dog insurance policy that fits your budget and the needs of your French Mastiff.

Insurance is very beneficial and useful in terms of any wrong happens in future.

Most of the customers pay Rs.3500/-  to Rs.4500/- per month to insure their French Mastiff. You can spend according to you and according to your pocket/budget.

Food cost

  • Royal canin maxi starter
  • Royal canin Giant starter
  • Glow max (full of omega 3,6 and other essential elements)
  • Mediboost (immunity booster, extra energy, healthy heart)
  • Serelac
  • Curd
  • Paneer
  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Apple, banana ,etc.
  • Sweet Potato

FOOD COST- Actually the Feeding cost per month will be 3000-4000 approx.   and high nutritional /protein food needed 4500-5500 approx. per month expense on food for French Mastiff.

All the cost is depends on the quality of the food, we don’t recommend user to switch on low feeding cost food

Training Cost

Training plays important role for adorable French Mastiff. and they love training

Generally Training cost depends on the quality of trainer and skill they can give to your dog. On an average training cost of French Mastiff is ₹1000 to ₹1200/- per month.

French Mastiff are the kind of Tibetan Mastiff in eating habits. This cost may be higher and lower due inflation and deflation in various states of India

French Mastiff Dog Price in India

CityPet quality (₹)Show quality (₹)Total Annual cost (₹)Food cost * (₹)Vet cost * (₹)Grooming cost * (₹)Accessories cost * (₹)Treat cost * (₹)Insurance cost * (?)Others * (₹)

French Mastiff Dog Breed Information: French Mastiff History, Facts, Nature and Appearance


The dog is mainly discovered in early 4th century in the Southern France region of Bordeaux.

In the older times, the French Mastiff is used as a card (to carry heavy goods) from one place to other place and is most commonly used to take care of sheep’s and cattle’s and to guard them and sometimes this particular dog breed is also used to protect the agricultural farming.


French mastiff price in India

They look like very Dangerous from their appearance and personality but it is wrong. They are very cool and of calm temperament in nature, sensitive and loyal to owner and family.

Mastiff are very courageous and fearless in nature and can easily live with small children’s. The dog breed is very healthy as compared to other dogs.

According to the body the head size of French Mastiff is biggest in dog family. In the view of personality they are used as a Guard dog.

The body size is big and seems to be very muscular dog. The Avg. height is 23-27 inches, this seems to be a big height. The Avg. weight is 55-70 kg.

The colors available in French Mastiff is Red, Fawn, Tan, Mahogany.

what are Colors available in French Mastiff ?

  • Red
  • Fawn
  • Tan
  • Mahogany

Different Breeds of French Mastiff

  1. French Mastiff puppy(basis)
  2. French Mastiff puppy(KCI registered)
  3. French Mastiff puppy(show quality)

According to the different breeds, their price varies.

Interesting Facts on French Mastiff

  1. The Dog is very popular/famous dog breed all over the world.
  2. Dogue de Bordeaux is also the other name of French Mastiff in French.
  3. The French Mastiff is an immensely strong and powerful dog breed that hails/belongs from France.
  4. The dog has a short round eye-catching coat which is richly colored fawn.
  5. The dog (French Mastiff) has a most powerful jaw after Pitbull and Rottweiler dog breeds(dangerous dog breeds in the world) which can break a bone in a single bite.
  6. In most of the European countries French Mastiff is the common liking of peoples.
  7. The French Mastiff dog breed is most similar to the most famous dog breed i.e. Bull dog(who belongs to a most famous European Country i.e. England.
  8. The French Mastiff dog price is usually expensive as compared to other dogs as it starts with Rs. 45000 onwards.
  9. These dog breed have different quality which decide their price.
  10. The dogs are very comfortable and friendly with the owner.
  11. The diet of the dog is more than normal dogs like German Shephard and Toy Poodle.
  12. The dog breed has the largest head among all other dog breeds.
  13. The dog has a cool temperament, sweet and sensitive souls. They are mostly stubborn in nature as compared to other dogs.
  14. They are used as a Guard dogs in the Europe after German Shephard.
  15. Their body is very mascular after Pitbull.
  16. The French Mastiff is one of the ancient dog breed of France.
  17. The rank of the dog in the world is 63rd and the famous personality of India ,Bollywood actor Salman Khan also owns two dogs.


Male24-27 inches68-72 kg
Female23-26 inches57-67 kg

Keep things in mind before raising a French Mastiff Dog

  • Socialize these dogs with other family members and small children’s, if not they may be aggressive to them.
  • Provide the good Training to the dog from the beginning.
  • Take the dog for a walk for at least 2-3 rounds of 200 meters daily for maintaining the good health.
  • Provide time to time food (nutritional food).
  • Always Provide time – time vaccination.
  • Provide calcium and mutli-vitamin capsules medicines to the dog, so they will remain healthy throughout the life.
  • Provide regular timely check-ups.

Life expectancy of French Mastiff in India

India has moderate temperature throughout the year as compared to other countries which has cold climate due to which the life span of a dog decreases due to very low temperature and cold weather conditions. So, India is a place where a climate conditions is moderate and good through which a dog can live maximum of the age.

This to be said that the life span of French Mastiff is too short as compared to other dogs. The Avg. life span/expectancy of French Mastiff is 5-8 years.

Grooming of French Mastiff

The French Mastiff requires less grooming due to less hairy body and short coat as compared to other dog breeds. The dog require routine bathing and grooming. The dog can be bathed every four – eight weeks depending on activities level and lifestyle. With this short, smooth coat, regular bathing is essential to minimize shedding and to maintain healthy skin and coat.

Suitable Climate conditions

The French Mastiff are very sensitive to extreme heat and cold. They did not tolerate extreme hot climate and extreme cold climate, they are suitable for moderate climate if you live in areas with extreme temperatures, extra precautions will have to be taken by you.

How to care French Mastiff in India

Nutritional food:

This will led to good growth of your dog and improve the health of your French Mastiff.

By time-time vaccination:

As it develops dog’s immune system to defend itself from any invasion of disease-causing organisms.vaccines contains antigents,which mimic disease-causing organisms in a dog’s immune system,but don’t actually cause disease.

By grooming:

Time to time grooming is required to enhance dog’s health and appearance. It will also help him feel relaxed, active, and good and this will improve his mood and temperament.

By taking the dog for a walk:

To stay healthy and fit throughout the life, a 3-4 rounds of your colony is required.

Take your dog for regular health check-ups:

A good and healthy life of your dog is complete when u take a proper and regular health care.

French Mastiff Training

Training your dog is much necessary for better understanding . Training benefits both dog and owner. Working regularly with your dog helps you to understand the needs better,making you a better owner as well.Training helps your dog to be more sociable,makes boarding your dog go smoothly.

Dog training is much less about the teaching of commands and much more about how you live with your dog.Virtually all of your dog’s behaviors (good and bad) and created by the way you’re living with him.

French Mastiff training starts the moment you bring your home like:-

Teach your mastiff the daily routines that will govern the life.

  • Where the food and water dishes are located.
  • What times of day he will eat.
  • Where is bed is.
  • What time he goes to bed.
  • What time he will be taken out in the morning.
  • Where he should go to the bathroom.
  • Where his grooming spot is (for brushing, trimming, nail, clipping, teeth cleaning).

Types of Training to French Mastiff

House and Crate training-

House training (also called housebreaking or potty training) is one of the first things u need to work on with your dog. Crate training can be very helpful part of the training process.

Leash Training-

Every dog needs to learn to walk on a leash. Besides the fact that most areas have leash laws, there will be times when keeping your dog on a leash is for his own safety. Learn how to introduce your dog or puppy to the leash, then teach him how to walk properly on the leash, even beside you on a bike/scooter.


It means training your dog or puppy to accept new peoples, animals, and various places by exposing him to these things. Socialized dogs are less likely to develop behavior problems and are generally more welcomed by others. Socialization can also help prevent the development of fears and phobias.

Clicker Training-

A common form of positive reinforcement, is a simple and effective dog training method. Although it is still fine to train your dog without clicker training, many peoples find it helpful. With clicker training, you can easily and effectively teach your dog all kinds of basic and advanced commands and tricks. It’s fast and easy to learn how to clicker train your dog.

Basic Commands-

There are some basic commands and dog tricks that every dog should know like come, speak, drop it, stay, back up, etc. Basic commands give your dog structure. In addition, they can help you overcome common dog behavior problems and will help keep your dog safe.

Proofing Behaviours-

proofing is the last step in training your dog to do any new behavior. Learn how to proof behaviours so your dog will be as obedient at the park or a friend’s house.Remember,just becoz you have reached the final stages of training,it does’nt mean that behaviour problems won’t crop up.

Advanced Training-

once your dog has mastered all the basics,you can consider moving on to more advanced tricks.These activities will help keep your dog active,fit and mentally stimulated.Secondly,they will help strengthen the bond you share with your canine companion.Remember that the training is an ongoing process.You will never be completely finished.It is important to keep working on obedience training throughout the life of your dog.People who learn a language at a young age but stop speaking that language may forget much of it as they grow older.The same goes for your dog:use it or lose it.Running through even the most basic tricks and commands will help them stay fresh in your dog’s mind and it’s a great way to spend time with your dog.

Major Health problems in French Mastiff

*Infections-It is a major health problems in dogs due to the infections in different parts like ears(ear infection) , nose(nose infection ), lung (lung infection),etc in which  most of the dogs die.

*Cancer – no vaccination is there to cure this is a major health issue from which most of the dogs dies.

*Lymphoma – It is a type of cancer diagnosed in dogs most commonly in French Mastiff . It develops from specific cells of the immune system, called Lymphocytes,that circulate through the blood.

*Aortic Stenosis- typically caused by a ridge or ring of fibrotic tissue in the subaortic region is a common congenital defect of large breed dogs.The condition is typically associated with a loud ejection murmur and weak peripheral pulses is more severly affected dogs.

*Bloat-It happens when has or food stretch a dog’s stomach .It is a severe pain faced by the dogs.

*Obesity- It is the most common problems in the dogs which is caused by over-eating of good on irregular intervals. It is an accumulation of excess body fat. Obesity impacts a dog’s health and longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can French Mastiff live in India?

The answer is definitely yes, Because India is a place or country where the temperature is moderate which means not extremely hot nor extremely cold weather conditions (which is suitable for all animals and birds specially dogs).We have tropical weather conditions which means it is mostly hot throughout the year with short periods of monsoons and winters.The climate of India comprises of a wide range of weather conditions across a vast geographic scale and varied topography,making generalizations difficult.Climate in South India is generally hotter and extremely humid than of North India. Southern half of the nation don’t experience temperature below 10 degree Celsius(50 degree F) in winter,and the temperature usually tends to exceed 40 degree Celsius(104 degree F) during summer.

Keeping the climatic conditions in mind, the dog breeds best suited for Indian climate would be the breeds with less body hair. Only India is a country in the world where Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff) can live more as compared to other and can live more happily as the climatic conditions perfectly suits for them. Yes, French Mastiff is best suitable for India.

what are the Factors affecting life-span of French Mastiff ?

Good quality food-Provide your dog a better nutritional or high quality vitamin food which will make your dog healthier.

Health check-ups-It is much necessary to feed a dog ,regular and montly basis check-up should be there from a veterinary Doctor.

Daily taking him to walk-this factor will improve and enhance your dog’s life.

Conclusion: French Mastiff Price

Looking for health and good quality French Mastiff in india then on an average French Mastiff price in india ₹70000.

Monthly expenses of French Mastiff in India is ₹60000 which include all the cost i.e. feeding, vaccination, Insurance and day to day expenses which generally every dog owner has to incurred on annul bases.

You can also go for Poodle dog comes is same price segment as French Mastiff comes