Beagle Price in India (2024) with Adequate Expenses

beagle price in india

If you wish to keep a breed like Beagle, this cloud will be palpable as people in India love to see dog breeds with different textures.

According to my experience, it is very hard to tell the dog expected price when it comes to such an adorable dog breed.

You might hear about Beagle from many sources and might thinking about Beagle price in India. Apart from the initial price, you may also consider other factors that affect a Beagle price in India.

Beagle is a small dog breed and has a perfect design body structure, owning a first-time dog, then you might love Beagle.

Beagle Price in India

Beagle price in India taken from professional breed will starts from Rs.15,000, which goes around Rs.30,000 depending on the Colouring, Quality, location of breeder and Size.

Apart from the initial price of Beagle, you should also take steps for other expenses will drive after buying a Beagle dog likely (Insurance cost, Grooming cost, Training cost and Feeding cost)

Advice: We recommend that users who are thinking of adopting Beagle in India should buy from a reputed and certified professional breeder.

The official breeder will charge higher charges in comparison to another non-official breeder because of their goodwill.

There are also many factors that affect Beagle price in India, and here are some of them:

Feeding Cost of Beagle

Food cost is based on the size of your Beagle dog or puppy. However, if you have a beagle puppy then, the food cost will be not much high compared to an adult beagle dog because generally, puppies don’t eat much compared to an adult dog.

If you want to feed your dog healthy quality food, you can expect around Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 10,000 to pay only for your dog food. And if you feed your dog with cheaper food then, it can cost you around Rs.4,000 to Rs.6,000.

Diet plays an important role in your dog’s overall growth and will prevent your dog from multiple diseases.

Advice: – we suggest users go for a good nutritious and good quality food for their Beagle.

If we talk about the recommended and proven best food for Beagle puppies and adults, these are the best dog food brands that are reliable and recommended by most vets.

AgeArden GrangeRoyal CaninPedigree
Up to 3 MonthsWeaning puppyMini  starterMother & Pup
From 4 to 15 monthsPuppy JuniorBeagle Junior/ Medium JuniorPuppy small breed
Above 15 MonthsAdultBeagle Adult, 3kg /Medium AdultAdult small breed

Note: Before giving the food mentioned earlier on the table, you must also take suggestions from your vet and the breeder where you have bought your Beagle puppy.

Grooming cost of Beagle

In today’s era of time, if we talk about human beings, everyone wants to look nice, attractive. And for that, proper grooming is necessary, which is one of the important days to day routine that most people have added to their lives.

Grooming for your pet is also necessary for hygiene purpose and making, and it helps in feel them good. 

The grooming cost of a Beagle depends on the owner to owner, how they groom their Beagle puppy or dog or what schedule or routine they follow to groom their Beagle puppy. 

The average cost for grooming a Beagle puppy can start from Rs.8,000- Rs.16,000, and it also includes grooming tools where you take your dog for grooming.

 As mentioned above, grooming depends on the owner that how groomed they keep their Beagle puppy.  

Insurance Cost of Beagle

In today’s era, having insurance is one of the major tasks that every human performs or does for their family. Insurance of everything and every human being is important to make sure that they stay secure. 

In India, medical insurance for pets has come into the process. And many groups or companies provide insurance for pets. The most recent group to join this is Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, which has launched the pet dog insurance policy in which the pet dogs get insured over their lifetime from age 3 months to 10 years.

Buying a pet is not a big thing but taking proper care of your pet is a big deal. Taking care of your pet is a big responsibility. It is like taking care of a small child.

Insurance plays a vital role for those people who cannot afford the monthly expenses of their dog. Monthly expenses like vaccination, deworming, tick treatment, grooming and many more are there, which cost around Rs.15,000 to Rs.20,000.

Training cost of Beagle

beagle price in india

Making your dog socialized and obedient is very important, whether it is Beagle or any other dog breed you are having as a pet.

Socializing them with the important people who frequently come to your house is necessary. If your pet does not listen to you or is not disciplined or trained, they are just normal pets. 

There is a good thing about Beagle. They get socialized easily. So, you don’t need to make them go for high training in this type of dog breed case. 

They are very good at learning the habits because their catching power is much good. But then also let us talk about the training cost of Beagle. 

The training cost of any other breed depends on breed to breed and trainer to trainer and some of the more reasons like the place. But cost of beagle is expensive then other, check out the dog price in india.

The training cost depends on these factors, but on average, the training cost for Beagle can be expected to be around Rs.15,000- Rs.22,000. 

Boarding cost of Beagle

If you are alone with your dog and has no one to take care of your dog when you are not at home, it is a kind of problem for you and your dog. 

You’ll be worried that whether your dog has eaten his food or what he’ll be doing home alone and many more things as well. 

It is a fact that pet animals, especially dogs or cats, want someone with whom they can play; otherwise, they feel very lonely. 

So, if you plan a lot of trips in a year and travel to different places too much in a year then, it is a kind of a problem to take your Beagle with you everywhere cause it is not an easy task to take your Beagle or any other pet with you everywhere which can cost you a much more to travel with your dog.

Moreover, Beagles are one of the dog breeds that love to spend time with family and, most of all, with kids because they want someone who can play with them most of the time. 

You are a single member then. I will suggest you not have Beagle as a pet because they feel lonely when no one is around them or see no one to play with.  

The cost is normally around Rs. 8,000- Rs. 10,000 every day. Kind of a bit more costly than your normal travel charges.

Registration cost of Beagle 

A dog needs to be registered before it is bred from, exhibited or exported. Suppose both parents have the INKC registration, then for non-members, it is Rs. 500, and for members, it is Rs. 400. 

If the parents are unknown then, for non-members, it is Rs. 1000, and for members, it is Rs. 800. With one or both parents KCI or imported dogs from another club, then, for non-members, it is Rs. 500, and for members, it is Rs. 400.

Beagle Price in Different Places in India


Factors Affecting Beagle price in India

beagle price in india
  • Colour and Size: – If we check the colour and size of Beagle dog then, the Beagle comes in different shades like Black, red and white, Black, red and Blue tick, Black tan and white, Blue Tan and white, brown and white, Brown & White, and Tan, Lemon and White, Red and White, Tan and White.

Price can vary from place to place and the availability of the shade you want. We have discussed the height now. Let us see the weight of the Beagle in males and females.

The average height of a male Beagle is 15 inches (approx.), whereas, for females, the average height can be around 14 inches (approx.). The average weight for a Beagle male should be 10-12 kg (approx.), and for a female Beagle, it should be 9-10 kg.

The generation type is also one of the important factors that affect the Beagle price in India. Sometimes, the cost of Beagle can also be affected by generation or the parents’ makeup used in specific liter.

  • Coat: – Beagle comes in two different types of coat, which are a thin coat and a dense coat.

They are muscular, solid dogs with a slightly domed skull. Their muzzle is squarish, and their nose is broad. They have long ears that are also droopy. They have a deep chest and a straight back also. 

They have a moderately long tail that is carried high. Beagle’s smooth, dense coat is usually black, tan, and white. Beagles are not a new breed outside India as well as in India. That means, Beagles are not a rare breed, and they are available at almost every place within India. So, if we talk about Beagle, it cannot be taken as a modish breed in India.

  • Maintenance Cost: – The maintenance cost for Beagle is not much high as compared to other dog breeds. 

It depends on the owner that how they keep their dog, but if you are conscious and sincere about taking proper care of your dog, the cost to maintain a Beagle is a bit higher than other dog breeds.

It also totally depends on the owner how they maintain their Beagle dog or puppy. the average cost to maintain a Beagle can start from Rs. 8,000 and can goes up to Rs. 18,000.

  • Geographic Location: – Geographic Location is one of the most important factors that affect the pricing of Beagle. The prices of Beagle or any other breed will be high in well-developed metropolitan cities compared to other cities or places.

Quick Advice:- importantly you must be aware that when you buy a Beagle or any other dog breed, you must be aware of the things like the place where you live will your dog can stay alive or will be comfortable in that environment or not and many more things like whether you can afford a dog and maintain a good diet and grooming for your dog, etc.

Where can you get a Beagle in India?

beagle price in india

There are plenty of ways to get a beagle dog breed in India, but today we will discuss a few possible ways to get a beagle. Before acquiring a beagle, you must know the beagle price in India, as mentions above. 

Reputed Breeder: – Buying a beagle from a reputed breeder could be the best way to adopt a dog. We recommend that users interested in adopting beagle should go for a reputed breeder. There is no doubt that the prices of the reputed Breeder will be higher than others, but there is always the best quality.

Now the question comes “how to identify reputed breeder?” to get an idea about them, always focus on the quality of breed rather than quality. Most importantly, they do not exploit the dogs.

Pets Shop: – A small room with pet’s foods accessories engaged in selling pets in the local market may provide you beagle, generally adopting a dog from a pets shop comes to conclude an unhealthy puppy.

In India, most people are running for pet shops to buy any accessories regarding a dog, which is a major problem for Indians, rather than getting knowledge from the internet or pet advisor. Petsweb does not recommend this method for acquiring dog breed.

Puppy Mills: – worst method for accruing beagle in India, general used unethical way to produce a dog.

They usually provide the worst environment to puppies, and puppies are locked in cased and left for sale.

There could be high chances that the puppy may suffer from a variety of health problems. 

Beagle Dog Features

Height36 cm-41 cm (Male), 33 cm –  38 cm (Female)
Weight10 kg – 14 kg (Male), 9kg – 10 kg (Female)
Lifespan12 to 15 years
TemperamentFriendly, Loyal, Cute & obedient
Puppy Price₹15,000-₹30,000
Health IssuesEpilepsy, Hypothyroidism, PRA ,Separation Anxiety

How to Care of a Beagle in India?

beagle price in india

In India, owning a dog is quick and easy but maintain them is hard tasks for the first time owner. It is the responsibility of every parent to look after their companions. After all, they do not speak.

Here is sometimes you should flow to care a beagle in India:-

1. Free Space: – Beagle is a very active dog breed, and they usually required vast face to straight-up their legs. 

Note: – Beagle is not meant for apartments, they love to explore and identify new small.

2. Perfect Bad: – sleeping is important for both human as well as the dog. Make sure owners should provide perfect bad for their puppy to sleep. There are lots of pros of bad for dogs firstly they will understand the place for sleep. Secondly, the dog will never lock you out while sleeping.

3. Quality feeding: There is only one difference between show quality and pet quality, which derives from quality feeding.

Provides your pup’s nutrition food of best company, we do not recommend the user give their dog basic food that human consumes, this conclude to weakness and poor growth, look out the best dog food in India below.

4. Regular Grooming: Make sure your beagle groomed regularly, which could positively impact your beagle’s long life.

Below there are the best grooming items that users personally consume for better grooming of dog:-

History about Beagle Dog

Beagles can be traced back to the 16th century in England, where Englishmen often owned packs of hounds. The smaller hounds among them were the beagles used in hunting rabbits and other small prey. 

Beagles were also used as gun dogs and flushing games for hunters.

As time flew by, this breed was developed in England and then later in North America. 

Beagles are seen as wonderful companions and family dogs. They became more refined and widely recognized in North America by the late 19th century, one of the most popular breeds. Even today, this breed is still used in packs for hunting.

Beagles are scent hounds, tracking their prey by ground-scenting. Their keen sense of smell ranks with bloodhounds and basset hounds. The United States Department of Agriculture uses them for detecting contraband food items in luggage. 

Facts about Beagles

  1. Beagles were one of the breeds that were bred for hunting.
  2. Beagle ears help their noses.
  3. They have two different sizes.
  4. Beagles can vocalize in three ways.
  5. The tail of a beagle looks like a white flag.
  6. Most of the beagles have jobs.
  7. A beagle named Elvis can smell Pregnancy.
  8. President Lyndon Johnson had three beagles with him.
  9. Barry Manilow’s beagle was on his Album covers.
  10. Snoopy is a beagle.
  11. More than adults, beagles love to spent time with children’s.
  12. Beagles love to get socialized and get socialized easily.

Beagle growth in India

beagle price in india

If we talk about the growth of a beagle, then, if your beagle is of 1 month, according to the studies or research, when we have a dog breed, the question that arises is how much will my beagle will grow? 

They reach their full height at almost around when they are 8 months old and their adult weight around 18 months old. 

Beagle is one of the breeds which are particularly prone to obesity. This breed tends to overeat, so they should have their food portioned out carefully else they’ll continue to eat even at the point of being full. If you are a beagle owner then, it is important and a major task to look out for your beagle weight and a good diet to help your beagle avoid the danger of obesity.

According to the American Kennel Club’s official Standard for the beagle breed, an adult beagle who is 13 inches or less must weigh less than 20 kgs, whereas an adult beagle who is 13 inches to 15 inches tall must weigh between 20 to 30 kgs. 

Adult beagles will look like miniature foxhounds with a solid, balanced body, allowing them to stay last in the long chase.

Key Terms related to the growth of a beagle:

  1. There are two sizes of the beagle dog, i.e., under 13” (20 lb. Or less), and the second is 13-15” who are 20-30 lb. In weigh.
  2. Beagle puppies grow for almost about 18 months at the point of healthy maturity.
  3. As I mentioned above, this breed is prone to obesity and some other related health issues that are hereditary, so the owner needs to monitor the growth of a beagle carefully.
  4. Pet insurance is also one way to help the owner ensure that their pet receives the best routine care.

FAQ’s: Beagle price in India

beagle price in india

How are Beagles with children and other pets?

No doubt, Beagles are magnificent for families with children. They are one of the dog breeds familiar and stay happy with families and as mentioned above also more than adults they love the company of small children.

This breed is affectionate and loves to play with people, and they love to spend time with their families.

Also, it is very important to make your children know how to treat animals and love them, which is one of the big things if you are having a Beagle or any other pet at home.

What are Health problem faced by Beagles in India?

Undoubtedly, Beagles are a very healthy dog breed, but some hereditary health problems can still occur in Beagles. Below are some conditions to watch for: –

  1. Epilepsy: – It is a neurological disease that causes seizures.
  2. Hypothyroidism: – It is a condition that is caused by insufficient thyroid hormones.
  3. Intervertebral Disc Disease: – It is a condition that occurs when the disc between the vertebrae bulge and press on nerves.
  4. Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA):- It is a genetic disease characterized by the bilateral degeneration of the retina.

Can Beagle Live in India?

In India, Beagle is quite popular, having adaptable skill in the very environment. Beagle can be the best companion for a person who is looking for a small dog breed as compare to large dog breed like german shepherd, siberian husky, kangal dog. They can early survive in hot weather like India.

Is a beagle a good dog in India?

Beagle comes in two different sizes (short heightened and long heightened), and both are best for Indian parents. If parents are living in an apartment, then they should go for a short heightened beagle.

Is a beagle a dangerous dog?

Absolutely Not, Beagle is the cute breed with the ability to make their parents happy.

Is beagle intelligent dog?

Beagle is used in airports to detect un-usual smells of boarding passengers and their luggage. The beagle is a highly intelligent breed, always exploring new places never visited by them.

 Why is beagle expensive?

Definitely not. The average price of the beagle is around ₹25,000 if the user goes for a healthy and quality puppy from a reputed breeder. Prices might go down if users brought beagle from pups’ mills or pets shop, depending on the quality of bone of beagle.

Final Thoughts

We hope after reading the detailed article regarding Beagle price in India and other factors affecting the price of beagle dog in India, users might clear about:-

  • Beagle price in India: – ₹15,000 to ₹ 30,000
  • Grooming Cost: – ₹8,000 to ₹16,000.
  • Insurance Cost: – ₹15,000 to ₹20,000
  • Registration Cost: – ₹400 to ₹500
  • Feeding Cost: – ₹4,000 to ₹6,000
  • Training Cost: – ₹15,000 to ₹20,000

Before buying Beagle, as a potential parent, it is your responsibility that you must full fill every basic need of a particular dog breed.

“Pets is a beautiful creature made by god do respect them. “