Indian Spitz Price in India (2024) with Monthly Expenses

indian spitz price in india

Wondering to know the Indian Spitz price in India if you are wondering about buying one, you should buy from the perfect breeder.

You might know this breed from advertisement made by pedigree on TV or while exploring the internet for sure.

Indian Spitz is a breed that originated from India, which belongs to the fox family and loves while hunting small species like squirrels.

These dogs are perfectly made for apartment holders who did not have enough free space to adopt giant dog breed like German shepherd, Siberian huskies. 

If you wonder about the price of Indian Spitz and other details, you need to read the article to make the perfect decision for such an adorable dog breed.

Indian Spitz Price in India

The Indian Spitz breed is a popular breed available in India, and some moderate breeders sell Indian Spitz puppy or dog.

The price for an Indian Spitz dog or puppy is not costlier than other dogs’ species, depending on its bone, structure, coat, and many more things. But on average, an Indian Spitz price in India is somewhere between ₹4,000 – ₹6,000.

The Indian Spitz does not come in different shades or colours like grey and white, sable and white, black and white, seal and white, red and white or solid white. They only come in a pure white double coat. So, there is no price variation based on the shades or colours.

Indian Spitz puppy price in India

If you are looking to buy an Indian Spitz puppy in India then, the price for an Indian Spitz puppy varies from state to state or place to place and breeder to breeder. But, on average, the price for an Indian Spitz puppy begins from Rs.4,000- Rs.6,000 for an excellent healthy puppy.

Adopting a dog might be new for many users, and they eventually make many mistakes while buying Indian Spitz. Indian Spitz is a readily available dog breed at low prices.

Breeder takes the advantages of low pricing and starts selling mixed breed to potential parents. To avoid these problems, you may have to know complete information about Indian Spitz and factors that affect Indian spitz puppy price in India.

Indian Spitz Price in Different Places in India


Factors that affect Indian Spitz price in India

Many factors affect the Indian Spitz price in India. Some of the factors that affect Indian Spitz price in India are discussed below:-

· Color and Size:-

If we check or see the colour and size of Indian Spitz then, the Indian Spitz generally comes only in the milky white shade. Still, they can also be found in solid colours like brown and, even sometimes very rare, a hybrid of black and white similar to the pomeranian. 

There is generally no price variation according to the colour. And if we look towards the size of the Indian Spitz, then naturally, the Indian Spitz is divided into two categories.

More miniature Indian Spitz and Lesser Indian Spitz are 5-7 Kg or 11-15 lbs (approx) in weight and 22-25 cm (approx) in height. In comparison, the more prominent Indian Spitz or Greater Indian Spitz is 12-22 kg or 26-45 lbs (approx) in weight and 35-45 cm (approx) in height.

· Generation Type:-

The generation type is also one of the critical factors that affect the Indian Spitz in India. Sometimes, the cost of Indian Spitz can also be affected by generation or the parents’ makeup used in a specific litre.

· Coat:-

The Indian Spitz comes in a pure milky double coat with a size around 33cms, i.e. 13 inches at the withers, with a soft chest and yellowtail.

·Modish breed:-

Indian Spitz was one of India’s most famous dog breeds in the 1980s and 1990s when India’s import rules were made it very difficult to import dogs of the other breeds.

Indian love this breed so much as they are cute, entertaining, and have many more features like this, making them more lovable by the Indians.

·Maintenance Cost:-

The maintenance cost for Indian Spitz is not at all high as compared to other dogs. It depends on the owner that how he/she keeps his/her dog, but if you are conscious and sincere about taking proper care of your dog, the cost to maintain an Indian Spitz is not high compared to other dog breeds.

But, on average, the cost to maintain an Indian Spitz can start from Rs. 1,200 and can goes up to Rs. 2,500. It depends on the owner how he/she maintain his/her Indian Spitz dog. 

Geographic Locations:-

Geographic Location is one of the most important factors that affect the pricing of Indian Spitz.

The prices for Indian Spitz or any other breed will be high in the well developed metropolitan cities compared to other cities or places. 

one more important thing you must be aware of that when you buy an Indian Spitz is-

 You must be mindful of the things like the place where you live will your dog stay alive or be comfortable in that environment or not and many more things like whether you can afford a dog and maintain a good diet and grooming for your dog etc. 

But, in the case of Indian Spitz, the one thing that is good about this breed is that they can live easily in the Indian climate.

Insurance cost of Indian Spitz 

In today’s time, having insurance is one of the significant tasks that everyone performs or do for his/her family members. 

Insurance of everything and every species is essential to ensure that they stay secure and feel safe. 

So, insurance for pets is also a critical thing. In India, medical insurance for pets has come into the heavy load for owners.

Buying a pet is not a big thing but taking proper care of your pet is a big deal. Taking care of your pet is a big responsibility. It is like taking care of a small child.

Insurance plays a vital role for those people who cannot afford the monthly expenses of their dog. 

Monthly expenses like vaccination, deworming, tick treatment grooming and many more cost around Rs. 2,000 to Rs.5,000, and international and popular breeds can even cost a bit more.

Food cost of Indian Spitz 

Food cost is generally based on the size of your Indian Spitz. However, if you want to feed your dog good quality food, you can expect around Rs. 4,000 to pay only for your dog food alone. 

If you feed your dog with cheaper food then, it can cost you around Rs. 1,500 to Rs.2,200.

In India, you can also feed them homemade food like curd and rice, boiled eggs, chapattis etc.

Diet plays an essential role in your dog’s overall growth and will prevent your dog from multiple diseases.We suggest you go for a good nutritious and good quality food for your Indian Spitz.And you must also take suggestion from your vet and the breeder where you have brought your Indian Spitz puppy.

Grooming cost for Indian Spitz 

In today’s era of time, if we talk about human beings, everyone wants to look nice, handsome and attractive. Grooming plays a vital role in everyone’s life. It depends on person to person like how they think of that.

Grooming is essential because they want to be the centre of attraction, whereas, for some people, they think when dogs are appropriately groomed, it boosts up their self-confidence and related key areas.

Grooming for your pet is also necessary for hygiene purpose and making, and it helps in feel them good. 

If we check the grooming cost of Indian Spitz then, it depends on the owner to the owner how he/she grooms his/her Indian Spitz puppy or dog or what schedule or routine they follow for the grooming of their Indian Spitz puppy.

The average cost for grooming an Indian Spitz puppy starts from Rs.2,000- Rs.3,000, and it also sometimes includes grooming tools or a grooming place where you take your dog for grooming.

As mentioned above, grooming also depends on the owner that how groomed he/she kept their Indian Spitz puppy.  

Training cost of Indian Spitz 

Making your dog socialized and obedient is very important, whether Indian Spitz or any other dog breed you are having as a pet.

Socializing them with the essential people who frequently come to your house is necessary. If your dog does not listen to you or training, they are just normal pets. 

In Indian Spitz, training is much more required as they sometimes act stubborn or do what they love to do or want to do without caring for others. 

The training cost for any dog breed like Indian Spitz depends on breed to breed and trainer to trainer and some of the more reasons like the place.

Training cost depends on these factors, but on average, if we see then, the average training cost for Indian Spitz, which you can expect, is around Rs.1,000- Rs.1,500. 

Boarding cost for Indian Spitz 

If you are alone with your dog and has no one to take care of your dog when you are not at home, it is a kind of problem for you and your dog.

You’ll be worried about whether your dog has eaten his food or what he’ll be doing home alone and many more things as well. 

It is a fact that pet animals, especially dog or cat, want someone every time with whom they can play; otherwise, they feel very lonely. 

So, if you plan many trips in a year and travel to different places too much in a year, it is a problem to take your Indian Spitz everywhere.

It is not easy to take your Indian Spitz or any other pet with you everywhere, which can cost you much more to travel with your dog.

The boarding cost is normally around Rs. 6,000- Rs. 8,000 per trip. It is a kind of a bit more costly than your normal travel charges.

Registration cost of Indian Spitz 

A dog needs to be registered before it is bred from, exhibited or exported. Suppose both parents have the INKC reg. Then for non-members, it is Rs. 500, and for members, it is Rs. 400. If the parents are unknown then, for non-members, it is Rs. 1000, and for members, it is Rs. 800. With one or both parents KCI or imported dogs from another club, for non-members, it is Rs. 500, and for members, it is Rs. 400.

And if the Indian Spitz puppy is registered with the Kennel Club of India, which is not registered to date. Then, it will cost you a bit higher than any other registration cost.

There is different registration cost in India’s various cities, so you have to check it according to your city. But, there is an annual charge for registration which is Rs.500.


indian spitz price in india

The Indian Spitz is a small cute dog with around 33cms, i.e. 13 inches at the withers, with a soft chest and yellowtail. Also, it is a pure milky white double coat dog.

If we talk about their eyes then, their eyes have white irises that can be later greenish or bluish. 

This can be one reason why they have such an expressive face that could lead humans to rely on looking at each other’s irises to tell where we are looking at and how we feel about things. 

Not many animals or other dog breed have this feature, but Indian Spitz has visible irises. The original Indian Spitz was bred for hunting in cold conditions, and their white colouring reflects this.

The Indian Spitz has pointy fox-like ears that are high makes this breed incredibly expressive. They have thick fur that covers the outside of the ear and covers a lot of the insides.

That means they need extra attention when it comes to caring and grooming.

If we talk about the tail of the Indian Spitz then, the tail of Indian Spitz curls over their back and is quite fluffy. 

Their legs are not very long, being only slightly longer than their bodies, and due to that their head looks big and adorable. 

Indian Spitz is one of the dog breeds that can be the easiest dog to live with. That’s why they are arguably the most famous family dog among Indian families.

Facts about Indian Spitz

  1. The Indian Spitz is an intelligent and active dog breed.
  2. They are very adaptable and can live in any place easily.
  3. This breed comes in two variants, i.e. small Spitz and greater Spitz.
  4. The small Spitz weighs 5-7 kg, and their height is 8-10 inches.
  5. The greater Spitz weighs between 12-20 kg, and their height is 14-17 inches. 
  6. They can understand human interactions easily and thus make a good company. 
  7. Their diet can also vary from milk and rice to chicken and rice.
  8. They are excellent house pets and do not require much maintenance and care compared to other dog breeds.
  9. They have rapid learning qualities.
  10. They generally come in pure milky white colours but sometimes are also available in brown or rarely in black and white colour.

How is Indian Spitz with children and other pets?

No doubt, Indian Spitz are magnificant for families with children. They are one of the dog breeds that are familiar and stay happy with families and small children.

This breed is affectionate and loves to play with people, and they love to spend time with their families. 

It is also essential to make your children know how to treat animals and love them, which is one big thing if you have an Indian Spitz or any other pet at home.

Is Indian Spitz and Pomeranian is same?

Many of you have this question: Pomeranian and Indian Spitz are the same, but let me know. They are not the same breed.

So, if they are not the same, what is the difference between the Pomeranian and Indian Spitz? So, let us see the differences between Pomeranian and Indian Spitz:-

Indian Spitz often gets mistaken for a Pom, a cousin Spitz from northern Poland. However, they are quite different: The Indian Spitz has a much shorter coat and is more prominent.

They share many physical characteristics because they are very closely related, being only a few years apart in lineage.

If we talk about a Pomeranian, it has around ears, a flatter face that weighs less, and thick coats. Other than these minor differences, they are somehow identical, although they are entirely different. 

Whereas Indian Spitz is much more giant and weighs more in comparison to Pomeranian.  Despite these differences, In India most of the people refer to Spitz as a Pomeranian. 

we can illustrate some of the primary difference between the two breeds below:-

  • The Pomeranian is a small breed. It is much thinner than even a lesser Indian Spitz in both cases, i.e. height and weight, which typically weighs less than 5kg and is rarely over 13 inches in height.
  • The Pomeranian has a much flatter face design than an Indian Spitz, which has a more conical nozzle.
  • The coat and fur of a Pomeranian are generally much denser. It is often difficult to see individual hairs. However, an Indian Spitz coat is much less thick, and it is much easier to see the individual hair follicles.
  • The Pomeranian’s ears are generally not pointed or elongated like an Indian Spitz, which has pointy fox-like ears.

FAQ’s about Indian Spitz in India

1. Is Indian Spitz dangerous?

Indian Spitz is a small dog breed with an average tendency to play-bite, small jump, crawl and loud barks. Which makes them a cute dog breed of India.

No, Indian Spitz is not a dangerous dog breed. They can bite you while playing, but this will not hurt you.

2. Is Indian Spitz a good dog?

Indian has hot weather. There is only some breed that can perfectly live in this climate. Indian Spitz comes on this list and has a better ability to wake you up on un-happening events.

3. Is Indian Spitz better than Pomeranian?

Although both dog breeds are best, Indian Spitz may be the best option to buy in India when we strictly compare.

4. Is there a dog breed called Spitz?

There are many types of spitz dog breed, namely:-

1. Indian Spitz

2. German Spitz

3. Labra Spitz

5. Can Indian Spitz live in an apartment?

Yes, Indian Spitz can live in an apartment due to their small size.


As mentioned above, Indian Spitz price in India differs from place to place and breeder to breeder.

After reading the above article, we hope that know you may know. Indian Spitz is the perfect breed for the Indian climate.

If you are looking to buy, then we suggest you go for such a good dog breed.

And mention above, you have to devote some time to your puppy. This will make a good relationship between you and your puppy from starting age.

Before buying Indian Spitz, you should read out the price list across the cities given above.